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City Of Future

Few modern cities can compare to Dubai - a land where the sands of the desert reveal the potential for one of the most significant international hubs of the 21st century.

In this city, quality is not just a strategy. It is a style of working, living and thinking - contributing to the growth and success of a vibrant community. Dubai's growth in the last decade has been phenomenal; and there are only signs of faster development, with massive real estate and leisure projects attracting international attention.

The city has built an enviable infrastructure and earned a reputation for constantly reinventing itself, chalking out strategic plans for development. Dubai is an international success story in terms of economic development; and a monument to modern architecture, being home to landmarks like the Burj Al Arab - the world’s only seven star hotel; and the two palm shaped islands considered the eighth wonder of the world.

Over 45 mega development projects are currently underway here, including the Hydro polis, a hotel that will be built partially under the sea; and Dubailand, a new £3billion Disneyland style theme park. Welcome to the city of future!

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